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Health, Safety, Equipment

After football, everything is easy....

The following equipment is required to play football at FCCFB:

1.  Colored mouthpiece, boiled and molded to teeth.

2.  Chin strap, preferrably with a protective shell.

3.  Cleats, preferrably 3/4" football cleats

4.  Practice football shirt. 

5.  Game and practice football pants black in color, 7-piece (hips, tail, thighs, and knees).

6.  Football girdle with groin protection (recommended)

6.  Moisture wicking t-shirts, socks, and athletic type underwear

7.  If face shields are worn, they must be clear

8. 1/2 gallon of cold water or a sports drink for every practice  (MANDATORY!!!!)

9.  A positive mindset and attitude towards football.

10.  Sports Physical.  Mandatory for all players.  


FCCYF has partnered with Drayer to provide on-field trainers at all practices and games

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