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Health, Safety, Equipment

How to make sure my athlete is properly hydrated

Guidelines for proper hydration before any FCCYFB practice, camp, or game.

Severe Weather and Heat Safety Prevention

Information on the protocols for severe weather and heat safety prevention. Football will always practice and play in the rain unless severe weather is present.

Lightening Procedures

Specific procedures for lightening and lightening strikes

After football, everything is easy....

The following equipment is required to play football at FCCFB:

1.  Colored mouthpiece, boiled and molded to teeth.

2.  Chin strap, preferrably with a protective shell.

3.  Cleats, preferrably 3/4" football cleats

4.  Practice football moisturing wicking undershirt. 

5.  Game and practice football pants black in color, 7-piece (hips, tail, thighs, and knees).

6.  Football girdle with groin protection (recommended)

6.  Moisture wicking t-shirts, socks, and athletic type underwear

7.  If face shields are worn, they must be clear

8. 1/2 gallon of cold water or a sports drink for every practice  (MANDATORY!!!!)

9.  A positive mindset and attitude towards football.

10.  Sports Physicals.  Mandatory for all players.  


FCCYF has partnered with Drayer to provide on-field trainers at all practices and games

Playing together

Starr's Mill vs. McIntosh