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    Toby Daily Family Raffle Fundraiser

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    Youth Football and Cheerleading Update


    We are ramping up for next week’s Battle of the Bubble games on Thursday, Oct 11th from 5-8pm. This year, our Battle of the Bubble will be a huge community event as we will be joined by the Metro Fayette Kiwanis Club, the Fayette County Sheriff's Office, Peachtree City Police and Fire to raise funds for one of our Fayette County Community Youth Football Coaches, Toby Daly. Toby is a coach for our Junior Chiefs Football Team 6U-8U, a retired Marine, and has over twenty years’ service with the Sheriff's Department who has been battling cancer for the last couple years. The funds we raise for Coach Daly and his family will help to tackle medical bills from treatment, and we will have volunteers posted as you come in to help collect donations. Even if your cheerleader and/or football player is not on the field during one of the 4 games of the evening, please come out to enjoy food trucks, kettle corn, frozen yogurt, AND check out the fire trucks and police vehicles that will be on display for the evening.  All of the league proceeds from the evening will go to help Coach Daly’s family.  Please also stay-tuned for an email on a community raffle to support our league fundraiser for the family as well. Our football players will also be wearing T.D. Strong helmet decals and our Sherriff’s Department and Police vehicles will display these as well as we support Toby’s battle as a community.

    Food trucks, Fire and Police Vehicles, and the festivities kick off at 5pm with the following games on-deck for the evening:

    6PM Junior Chiefs 6U-8U v. Panther Force on the lower field

    6PM 4th Grade Panthers vs. 9U Select Brooks Bears

    7:15PM Roughriders v. Seahawks 11U on the lower field

    7:30PM 6th Grade Chiefs v 6th Grade Panthers on the upper field

    We look forward to having a great night of football and community, and hope to have you join us for dinner and the games of the season!

    If you purchased tickets for the Falcons game, please continue to read below. If not, please disregard.

    We just received word that the Super Bowl Committee is doing a visit/facilities assessment of the stadium on Dec 9th, the date we were originally scheduled for our FCCYFC field time. We have been rescheduled to Saturday, November 17th from 10am-1pm. I understand the scheduling shift is inconvenient, but with the high demand of the stadium, it’s awesome that we were given the opportunity to have this field time for those attending the game on Oct 14th to come back and enjoy the experience. This is a pilot program to open up the field for youth leagues that we’re super fortunate to be included in, so please bear with us as we nail down details for Nov 17th.

    With regard to the Oct 14th game: We have the tickets for the Oct 14th game, and are working to separate them out and get them in your hands by early next week. We will get information on drop-off for equipment, etc. one week prior to our event, and we will get that information to you as soon as we get it.

    Thanks for your patience!

    Game Schedules:

    At the bottom of this email, there is an option to sign up for SportsEngine App. Doing this will allow for the game schedules to be available through this app. All Intramural (7U & 11U) will be posted on our website All NMFL teams will be posted at

    Go to our website, Facebook, or click here to purchase tickets.

    September 9th, 2018 update:


    Well the first experiment with the first intramural games has resulting in resounding success. Out of about four games, there were two ties, and the other games were a touchdown apart. If you missed the stadium games this weekend, you really missed out on some great youth football where most of the games went down to the final seconds.


    1.  We were finally able to fix our website for scheduling. The official schedule is posted on our website. Please ignore any excel sheets and emails from anyone pass this point forward. NMFL teams (3rd grade SM, 4th grade SM, 6th grade MC, and 6th SM) should always double check the North Metro Football League schedule as well as it is written in pencil. There is a SportsEngine app that will allow you track schedules and be notified of changes.

    2. Spirit Wear. It is not too late to get this great deal on spirit wear. Click here for the great offers.

    3. The Falcon's tickets for Oct 14th, with all of our teams playing at Mercedes Benz has far exceeded our expectations. You only have a few days left to purchase your tickets at the reduced rate (click here). It's going to be a blast. Look for information on a large tailgate before the game. What a great week of football it is going to be starting Thursday Oct 11th with the Battle of the Bubble games, Friday Oct 12th varsity football McIntosh vs. Starr's Mill, and then our Mercedes Benz games on the 14th.

    4. Social media volunteers. If you like to post pictures for your team, please contact Mark Brown directly to gain access to our Facebook page so all of us can share in the excitement.

    5. Starr's Mill Homecoming Parade September 20th, 2018. There is limited seating for the floats for the parade. Interested parents must email with their player/cheer's name and team name before September 17th, for first come first serve reservations. Information on the McIntosh homecoming activities will be out soon.

    6. Sponsorships. This has been an adventurous year for the management of our football and cheer leagues. Your board of directors and several volunteer leaders have done a great job to get to this point. We had several unexpected costs that come with growing so fast in one year. As we round out the first of the season planning and provisioning, it’s time to focus on our annual Sponsorship Drive. The funds raised from the sponsorship drive help to pay our field costs, helmet refurbish, security, uniforms, and the fun events like the Battle of the Bubble and Player presentation day. We had an awesome growth year in terms of players and teams, and we want to provide for that continued growth. Each team (6U-8U and each cheer team, one sponsor; all other teams, two sponsors) is responsible for finding banner sponsors. Each $275 sponsorship sold includes the cost of the banner which will be proudly displayed at Riley Field. We have over 300 players and families who attend practices and games at Riley, so these sponsorships will be seen! After each team has sold its required sponsorship(s), for any additional banners sold, the team will receive 50% of the proceeds (after the banner cost) for their end-of-season team party and/or awards. The goal is to have these sponsorships in no later than September 30th so your sponsors will get the full benefit of the season. Please have their logo files/pictures to Sarah Black to get these banners designed and ordered. Her email is

    7. Code of Conduct. Please remember the code of conduct that all participants signed at registration. It is always a best practice to refrain from any game/practice discussion for at least 24/48 hours to all the emotions to subside. Note that when any cheer team is performing at half time, all activity on the field of play stops. Please ensure that your players, friends, and others are off the football field during any cheer presentation. Football is an amazing and emotional support. It it was easy, everybody would play football!!

    Thanks for all you do to make this league successful.

    Panther Cheer - Champions!


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