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Youth Football and Cheerleading Update

Welcome back to another great year of youth football and cheerleading.  Every year your board of directors works hard to research to best environment for your children to enjoy the game of football and cheerleading.  Welcome back to the best program in the State of Georgia.  We have heard your concerns regarding competition levels, travel, and changing schedules.  Our primary goal is the safety of your children, while also allowing them to enjoy the sport we know builds character.  Our goal is to provide a safe environment for all young players to enjoy and develop within the game of football.  Should we fall short of the needed participation to the field competitive teams within their specified age group, we will seek alternative options for our players to participate in football.  Everybody gets to play football.

Your league has been researching options at various age levels to play football locally, intramural, and/or closer to our region.  There is always a guess on the best league or option to play in based on the expected competition and our registration numbers.  Even with all these ideas, we need to know we have the early registration numbers to support the various playing options.

Registration is open now for tackle football from K to 8th grade (click here to go directly to registration). 

1.  Progressive Fee Schedule.  Each year our costs increase significantly.  In order to prepare for all the options we are considering, we need to have our registration numbers in early.  Late registration last year forced many teams to have too many players as our registration numbers are increasing about 25% every year.   To encourage early registration, every 30 days the registration fees will increase.  Late registration fees will be substantial if you wait too long, as it costs almost twice as much to add a player as the season approaches.

2.  New players.  We want everyone to enjoy the great game of football and cheer.  In the next two weeks, some returning players will have access to registration business cards to hand out in school.  For those families in each age group that refers the most new players to FCCYF, the #1 referring family will receive a $100 refund on their registration.

3.  Early registration spirit wear package.  For those cheerleaders and players who register before April 1st, you have the option of purchasing an awesome spirit wear package consisting of 7 items for only $90.  Look for more on-line stores throughout the pre-season for spirit wear and equipment.  The link to the description of the package is under "Spirit Wear" on this home page and in registration.

5.  The registration session will provide an option for you or your business to sponsor the league.   Costs continue to increase to play football.

6.   If you are a parent willing to volunteer and/or assist with coaching.  Please register under the Coaching and Volunteer section in addition to registering your player.

7.  Interested 7th and 8th grade players should register and use the code "middleschool" for payment.  The league is considering a 7th/8th grade option for players in middle school to play for their respective middle school, and have fun playing games on Saturdays in youth football.

If you have any questions, please contact us at  If it was easy, everybody would play football.

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