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Youth Football and Cheerleading Update


We appreciate your patience as we have been working hard examination several options on the configuration of our football and cheer league for this year. 

A couple of the challenges we faced this year included:

This year we increased advertising and outreach efforts by about 1000%. We are pleased to report that our registration numbers for cheer and football have exceeded expectations. We expect after this email announcement, the registration numbers will increase again. EVERYBODY gets to play youth football! 

So finally here is how our league will be configured for 2018:

  • 5U to 8U: 4-6 drafted-balanced teams playing internally in a 7 vs 7 or 8 vs 8 Rookie Football USA Football. This program will allow for flag or new players to experience football in a more controlled and fun environment. An evaluation for 5U to 8U players will by on July 1st, 2018 6 to 8pm at Riley Field, and at the mini-camps. Click here for video #1 of Rookie Football format.   Click here for video #2 from USA Football on Rookie Football).
  • 9U or 4th Grade: This team is playing in the North Metro Football League as it did last year.
  • 10U to 11U (5th & 6th Grade). 4-6 drafted-balanced teams playing internally 11 vs 11 football. The evaluation for 10U & 11U is July 15th and July 23rd 6pm to 8pm at Riley Field.  
  • One 6th Grade McIntosh team and one 6th Grade Starr's Mill Team playing in the North Metro Football League.

Games - Games for the internal leagues will be played on Thursday nights or the weekend. For the internal teams (5U to 8U, and 10U/11U), each team will play a regular season of 8 games---we are targeting 4 games on Thursday and 4 on the weekend. For the North Metro Teams, there are generally 4 games away and 4 games at home on Saturdays. Specific team schedules will be communicated to you by your coach after the drafts. Please remember we are at the mercy of field space and referee availability. 

Draft - for the internal teams only the head coach's son will be "frozen". This means that there can be no "stacking" of teams. Assistant coaches will be assigned a team by way of their son being drafted by a head coach. That being said, coaching is a demanding responsibility and help is needed. If you are interested in being an assistant coach, it is mandatory that you fill out a volunteer registration form online ( Please consider volunteering, prior football coaching experience is not necessary. The head coaches are all well versed in coaching and will lead the practices, but they will need help in controlling drills, setting up scrimmages, etc.

Finally, we are in the preliminary stage of organizing an end of season all star tournament of select teams from the local region to compete in a championships. Traditionally these are called Turkey Bowls and would be held the weekend before Thanksgiving. More to come...

The final configuration of teams between McIntosh and Starr's Mill "teams" will be finalized after the drafts.


Other reminders....

Free mini-camps for football are posted on the website and Facebook. This week the camps Wednesday (6-27-18) and Sunday (7-1-18) 6pm to 8pm. Bring at least a 1/2 gallon of water, dressed in athletic clothing, and cleats. These mini-camps have become extremely popular so don't miss out. After each mini-camp we can issue equipment and exchange equipment as needed. These mini-camps are a great opportunity to bring a friend that may be interested in football and wants to try it out. Just register here if they are just attending the mini-camp and are not registered for football.

Cheer camps are posted all over our FB page and website. Please don't miss out.

Spirit Wear and Football Equipment Store. WOW! Check out the awesome products in our spirit wear store by clicking here. You will see our new logo for our league with great prices.

Remember that you must purchase a mouth piece, hard chin strap, and black football pants. All can be purchased on our on-line stores. For hard football equipment such as girdles, helmets, pads, you cannot beat these prices. We have partnered with T&G Allsports for a 20% to 25% discount on football cleats if you mention our league. Click here for T&G's on-line store.

Mandatory cheer and football acclimation camp is week of July 23rd to July 26th from 6 to 8pm at Riley Field. Varsity coaches will be present to run the camp and train our coaches on Heads Up safety. At the end of the last day of the camp on Thursday July 26th will be a BBQ, fun, and games to kick off the season. For those who forgot to pay for the mandatory football and cheer acclimation camp the week of July 23rd to July 26th, please do so by clicking here: $25 for an entire week of professional coaching followed by a pep rally and BBQ.

And of course if you have not registered yet, you need to do so right now by clicking here. If you need payment arrangements, email for a confidential agreement or select the pay $100 now option plan which has been extended.

If you have any specific questions, please contact or call 678-858-0714. 

Mark Brown

Fayette County Community Youth Football

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