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    Latest News!!!

    We are about half way through the season, and the boys and girls are having a great time enjoying a competitive season of cheer and football.  This week we have lots of exciting events as we celebrate the Battle of the Bubble week for two of our feeders, take the field at Mercedes Benz Stadium, and send our Competition Team off for their first Cheer competition of the season.


    Battle of the Bubble Game, Friday 6:30 PM: This week is the rivalry game between McIntosh and Starr’s Mill High School varsity teams. This year we are excited to announce that our league has paid for admission for all cheer and football players to this exciting varsity game on Friday at McIntosh High School. In the past we have held Bubble Game activities at Riley during our league games, but with families’ schedules busy on Saturday’s, we understand it’s difficult for parents to help prep food and keep the bouncy houses safe. The game on Friday will give our feeder schools support and our players and cheer a chance to spend time with their HS mentors.

    To encourage and allow for all of our players and cheer to participate, practices are cancelled and fields are closed on Friday. Players and Cheer should wear their game jerseys on Friday to school, and on Friday to the game at McIntosh. Football should Meet at 6:30 PM near concessions, and cheer should meet at 7pm near concessions. Players and cheer will greet the varsity players and cheer from the corresponding feeder schools. Parking will be tight so arrive early. Parents should pick up their players at concessions at the start of the game around 7:30 PM.


    League Event at Mercedes Benz, Falcon's Game, Sunday, 11:00 AM: The Falcon's ticket system had major issues this week delaying the arrival of our tickets until this afternoon. They are being sorted out this evening, and will be distributed at practices. On Sunday, all players and parents should meet at Gate #1 by 11:00AM in their white jerseys. Your coaches will be letting you know what equipment you’ll need if any, to drop off at this time. Players and coaches with field passes will enter the stadium together and drop equipment at this time. Parents will be free to head to their seats. Coaches will bring them up to our seats post equipment drop. Cheer will be able to enter the game through any gate before the 1pm kickoff. At the end of the third quarter, all cheerleaders and players will be escorted by coaches to the field to play scrimmages and cheer on the field. Parents will be allowed to move down to the 100 level at the end of the game to watch the festivities close-up.


    It's been a great year of football and cheer. Let's finish the second half of the season strong. If you have any questions, please email, or call 678-671-6680.

    Fayette County Community Youth Football

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    Tickets are still available until we run out of tickets at
    If it was easy, everybody would Cheer and play Football.  If you have any questions, email us at or call 678-671-6680.


    Welcome back to the BEST youth cheerleading and football program in the State of Georgia. We are excited to have the format set for this year and to announce registration is OPEN for Sideline Cheerleading, and 1st-6th Grade Football. As registration numbers allow, the format for football and cheerleading will be as follows:


    We will again be offering Sideline and Competition Cheerleading in the 2019 SeasonSideline cheer registration is open and available for Kindergarten through 6th grades.  Competition Cheerleading will be available for 3rd-6th Grades. Competition tryouts will be held late Spring/early Summer, and more information will follow on competition timelines as we finalize arrangements.

    We’ve heard your feedback, and we have made several changes to improve the experience for our sideline cheerleaders. This July, Sideline cheerleaders will also enjoy a 3 week Powderpuff Flag program coached by our awesome High School Cheerleaders in the area where they’ll learn, bond, and have fun. We will also again host an awesome camp in July for choreography instruction to help start the girls off on the best foot. This year, we will also be purchasing new uniforms for our sideline teams to align with the intramural football play.  Your cheerleader will get to keep this uniform at the conclusion of the season. For more details on the changes to Sideline, be sure to review the registration section on “What’s included in my fee?”. Uniforms, Powderpuff flag, Community Events, and Concussion testing are just the tip of the iceberg!


    Intramural, local football returns this year, and we are excited to offer it at every age group 1st-6th grade. Registration will include baseline concussion testing, practice and game jerseys, game socks, equipment rental, and all of the league fees to ensure safety and community in our tackle football program. Our mini camps and end of summer camps were a great way to get our players engaged and acclimated, and we are building on that this year with a 3 week flag football program coached by our local HS players and coaches. Three times a week, we’ll get together for practice, conditioning, evaluations, baseline concussion testing, equipment issue followed by a fun flag football game. On Saturdays, the players and cheer will be able to enjoy a cookout after they’re finished playing. All of this fun, even before our tackle season begins!

    • Grade 1st and 2nd will be playing Intramural 6 v 6 or 7 v 7 Rookie Tackle Football. 
    • Grades 3rd and 4th will play together in an Intramural 11 v 11 format.
    • Grades 5th and 6th will play in an Intramural 11 v 11 format, with a possibility of travel team play in the North Metro Football League. Tryouts for travel team play will be held in late July, with more information to follow.
    • All plans are contingent on reaching registration goals.

    Skills and acclimation camp for football and cheer dates are on the website.  We have an option for those who want to try out football and cheerleading by registering for the camp only by clicking here.

    So what do I do next?

    1. Tell your family friends about the opportunity.  

    2. Registration for Cheerleading & Football (click here). Payment arrangements are described on the registration page for deposits and other options.

    3If you are a prospective coach or volunteer sign up by clicking here.

    If you have a question, email us at or call 678-671-6680

    Panther Cheer - Champions!


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